Crossing the Pyrenees by the GR 10 with a guide

For one, two and up to 8 weeks! Live the experience of crossing the Pyrenees, with peace of mind thanks to our logistics and our Pyrenean guides.

Guided hike on the GR10 in the Pyrenees

Since 2020, we have been offering you a crossing of the Pyrenees with a guide. You hike with a light bag (luggage transported whenever possible), in small groups for more conviviality, and with a guide from our 100% Pyrenees team. Sometimes we leave the GR10 to discover a summit or a major site in the Pyrenees that can enhance the route.

Organization on the GR10

Organized in 8 sections of one week, our Crossing of the Pyrenees by the GR10 allows, at each beginning and end of the week, to reach an SNCF point. If you come by car: we offer an optional vehicle transfer. All meals are included.

We offer three dates for complete crossings, from Hendaye to Banyuls sur Mer. You can choose your duration: one week, two weeks... and more if you like!

Good guided GR10!

From 895,00 €

Traversée des Pyrénées accompagnée Partie 5 : Bagnères de Luchon - Aulus les Bains

Guided GR10

7 Day
L'itinéraire de cette 5ème partie de la traversée des Pyrénées dont le célèbre GR 10 est le fil rouge quitte progressivement les Pyrénées Centrales pour les Pyrénées Ariégeoise et la région très sauva...
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