The GR 10 Trail version

It was in 2016 that for Thomas (he will recognize himself), we organized for the first time the Crossing of the Pyrenees by the GR 10 in Trail version!

From now on, we offer experienced trail runners the opportunity to cross the Pyrenees: in 7 sections of 5 days (4 days of racing). You choose the duration. And of course Gaëtan, our tailor-made specialist, will always be at your disposal to personalize your adventure.

2 versions of the GR10 Trail, basic or comfort

In order to meet all budgets, we offer a more economical version with nights in a dormitory, or a more comfortable version with nights in a room. There are no dorm nights, so you can always run "light bag".

Run “light bag”

Three strengths to lighten the weight of the bag as much as possible:

  • Our mobile app. Your route, its description, its key stages, the map... Everything is on your phone!
  • Every day and on the entire route, we ensure the transport of your follower luggage. Significant comfort for a trail runner!
  • On the majority of the stages, you will be able to refuel during the course for your midday snack. These supply points (refuge, grocery store, restaurant, bakery, etc.) are indicated to you on the mobile application

Happy GR10 Trail!

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