Our insurance

Enjoy peace of mind with our insurance

Our insurance solutions for your stay: cancellation, assistance, multi-risk.

We offer you 3 insurance packages according to your needs.
To be covered before your stay: Cancellation insurance - Epidemics extension
To be covered during your stay: Search and Rescue insurance, Repatriation assistance and Epidemics extension
To benefit from all our guarantees: Multi-risk insurance - Interruption of stay.

Cancellation & Epidemics Insurance (rate: 3.4% of total amount)

Insurance starts as soon as the subscription and if your trip is sold. It stopped on departure. The events guaranteed are:

  • Cancellation for medical reasons: serious illness, serious injury or death of yourself, a member of your family...
  • Cancellation for:
    • Serious damage or theft in private or business premises, summoning as a witness or juror, etc., the insurer wil deduct an excess of €30 per person.
    • Job transfer, cancellation or change of holidays dates by the employer, theft of identity documents, etc. (excess of €100 per person).
  • Cancellation of any justified reasons (a 10% of the amount of cancellation fees with a minimum of €50 per person and €150 per file).
  • Luggage insurance: up to €1500
The insurer will reimburse you for the cancellation costs you have to pay, after deducting any excess, administration fees, visa fees, port and airport taxes and the cost of the insurance. It will be calculated on the date of the medical certificate or the event leading to the cancellation.

Epidemics extension: Cancellation for illness due to an epidemic/pandemic event, unboarding due to a temperature reading, or if you don't have a mandatory vaccination (10% of the amount of cancellation fee with a minimum of €50 per person).

Search / Rescue and Repatriation Insurance (rate: 2% of total amount)

The insured person's guarantee starts on the date of the departure and ends on the date of return. Events guaranteed for you by our contract with Assurinco are:

  • search and rescue costs in the mountains up to a maximum of €10 000,
  • repatriation with assistance in the event of serious bodily injury,
  • medical fees outside the country of residence,
  • extension of stay (10 nights maximum)
  • cash advance abroad up to a maximum of €10 000,
  • payment of legal fees abroad up to a maximum of €5 000,
  • civil liability for privacy abroad ...

Epidemics extension :

  • Hotel fees following quarantine (€80 / night – max. 14 nights)
  • Psychological support following quarantine
  • Local medical expenses
  • Return not possible following flights cancelled by authorities or airline (€1 000)
  • Hotel fees as a result of impossible return (€80 / night – max. 14 nights)

The detailed guarantees and exclusions are included in the booklet: “Cancellation Insurance / Repatriation and Interruption of stay and activities / Contract No. 4637 available for download below.

We decline all responsibility in the event of difficulties with your assistant if his services do not cover the conditions or activities of the trip. If any additional costs are therefore incurred for your return, we reserve the right to charge you for them.

You must at least be covered for the “Repatriation Assistance”. If you do not subscribe with our insurance, you must provide us with a repatriation assistance certificate and sign us a discharge. It is important to check that your destination is not one of the excluded countries. Also check that you have a search and rescue fee guarantee with a sufficiently high limit.

Multi-risk Insurance + Interruption of stay (rate : 4,8% of total amount)

Multi-risk insurance includes the guarantees provided by the two insurance packages: Cancellation insurance and Epidemics extension AND Search / Rescue and Repatriation Assistance Insurance. It is completed by two additional guarantees:

  • Interruption of stay: only available in the multi-risk insurance at 4.8%.
    The insured person's guarantee begins at the start of the trip and ends upon return. The events guaranteed by our contract for you at Mutuaide Assistance are: the interruption of stay up to a maximum of €30,000 per event, or activity €100 per day (max. 3 days)
  • Transport delays: only available in the multi-risk insurance at 4.8%.
    If your transport (plane, train, boat) is delayed for more than 4 hours, a compensation with a maximum of €50 per person for a delay of 4 to 8 hours, and €100 per person for a delay of more than 8 hours..
    Compensation is cumulative if the delay occurs on the outward journey, the return journey or a journey during the trip. We invite you to read it by downloading the full guarantee booklet below.

Contact if you have a claim

If you have a claim (cancellation before departure)

ASSURINCO – 122 bis, quai de Tounis BP 90 932 – 31 009 TOULOUSE CEDEX

Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm et and Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm :

  • by phone from France :
  • by phone from abroad : preceded by the local prefix to outside world
  • by e-mail : sinistre@assurinco.com

If need Assistance (during your stay)

MUTUAIDE – 8-14, avenue des Frères Lumière – 94368 BRY SUR MARNE CEDEX

7 days a week – 24 hours a day :

  • by phone from France :
  • by phone from abroad : preceded by the local prefix to outside world
  • by fax : 01.
  • by e-mail : medical@mutuaide.fr

On your first call, you will be given an assistance reference number. You should always give this number when contacting our assistance service.

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