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In the Eastern part of the Pyrenees, we feel a real influence of the Mediterranean climate. The last summits, part of Ariège, and Andorra, leave place to a contrast of landscapes, mix of mountain and sea, heated by the Mediterranean sun.

High plateaux in Cerdagne, summits with Canigou and Carlit, until the mountains of Albères, lying in the Med... Through these different lands, you will discover lovely places and points of interest : Banyuls Vineyards, hot springs such as St Thomas, Dorres or LLo, tiny villages and fishing ports, coastal walks... what a program !

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Mediterranean Coast, from Collioure to Cadaques (Spain)

from 520 €

7 days

6 nights

The Coast Vermeille (Scarlet Coast), is aptly named. It's situated on the southern French side of the Pyrenees Orientales. The Mediterranean sea to the east and the Alberes massive to the west. The other side of the border extends towards Cadaques in Spanish Catalonia. The cultivated terrassess of vines extend up the slopes and into the sunny valleys. They produce the famous BANYULS and COLLIOURE wines. This is a wonderfully vibrant land with a friendly population - who just love to party ! Everywhere the 'sardane' is danced in rounds for the tourists. The gastronomy is equally remarkable with wonderful local produce like for example anchovies or grilled fish. You can taste this wonderful Catalan cuisine as you look out over the sea. This is an exceptional walking area that you will discover with its contrasting landscapes. These are lands of red earth also nicknamed 'La Côte des Merveilles' (the Marvel Coast).

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