Making my hike a success

Making my hike a success

Because we live in the Pyrenees and every day shows us that the climate is changing, that we are consuming our planet's resources without thinking about the future, ecology and sustainable development are particularly important to us. No one can give lessons, least of all us, but everyone knows the simple things we can do on a daily basis to preserve our natural resources and limit the impact of our presence in a natural sanctuary like the mountains.

In order to give you the best advice before you set off to explore the Pyrenees, we're collaborating with the Basque Country Departmental Tourism Agency and their "Making my hike a success" initiative.
To make a success of your hike and cover the miles of trails in complete safety, there are a few universal rules to follow, a few good gestures to adopt. Whether you're off for a family outing or a long walk with backpacking friends.‍

Here are just a few examples, and don't hesitate to visit the MAKING MY HIKE A SUCCESS website for more information!
I respect the environment
I discover pastoralism
Je choisis mon équipement

I plan my itinerary
I park in a reserved space

Let's take care of the environment

On the paths of the Pyrenees, the environment in which you hike is made up not only of the natural heritage of the place - its fauna, flora and waterways - but also of the cultural heritage inherited from the history of our regions and their populations.

Both deserve to be preserved from any degradation, whether intentional or not.
Here are a few precautions to take on your walks in Béarn or the Basque Country.

Let's respect pastoral life

From Béarn to the Basque country, the Pyrenees are the perfect backdrop for long walks with family or friends. All the more reason to discover that, behind the picture-postcard landscapes, lies an authentic pastoral life that must be left undisturbed. For generations, herds, shepherds and their dogs have lived here, in perfect harmony with the mountains they are committed to protecting. It's up to us hikers to help them too!

Let's pay attention to safety rules

From a stroll of a few hours to a full-day hike - or a bivouac for the most passionate - an excursion always needs to be well prepared and organized.In the massifs of the Pays Basque and Béarn regions, as elsewhere, hikers need to respect a few simple safety rules. The terrain, nature and weather can hold many surprises. So it's a good idea to anticipate any difficulties before you set off.

Let's perfectly mastering the route

As all hikers know, each new route can lead to unexpected configurations or difficulties. That's why knowing the itinerary of an upcoming hike is a guarantee of safety and serenity, both for the organizer and for the whole group.
So get your maps, get set, go!

Let's get off to a good start

Even before you come across them on the trails of the Pyrenees, how do you recognize hikers who are truly respectful of nature and their environment? By the way they set off, of course! Far from being anecdotal, the care we take to quietly reach the starting point of a hike says a lot about our relationship with nature. And about our ability to immerse ourselves gently in a sometimes (almost) untamed environment whose calm needs to be preserved.
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