GR10 self-guided Section 5 : From Luchon to Aulus les Bains

Central Pyrenees
Self-guided GR10
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7 Days
6 Nights
6 Activity Days
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From Luchon to Aulus-les-bains, the GR10 follows ancient passages that were used as a means of communication between the deep valleys. Here, the itinerary follows a rural and forestry trail around the Piemont villages of Artigue and Melles-en-Comminges and the hamlets of Eylie, Bouche, Aunac and Bidous before rejoining another thermal station, Aulus-les-bains.

The walk between Comminges and Couserans will take you through some remarkable flora : Gispet (widespread grass that gets slippery when wet and thrives on high altitude terrain), rhododendron flowers, blueberries and majestic beach trees that share the forest with fir trees.

In Couserans you discover more traces of the past when the trail takes you to various ‘jasses', (an area where the shepherds would gather their sheep near to the river), old shepherd's cabins and cairns, all signs of an ancient presence.

Dates and Prices


Every days from the middle of June to the end of September.
Booking from 2 people (solitary traveller: consult us).

From 15/06/2024 to 30/09/2024 :

Prices with luggage transfer :
- Price per person for a group of 2 persons : 765€
- Price per person for a group of 3 persons : 700€
- Price per person for a group of 4 persons : 660€
- Price per person for a group of 5 persons : 635€
- Price per person for a group of 6 persons : 620€

Prices without luggage transfer :
- Price per person for a group of 2 persons : 625€
- Price per person for a group of 3 persons : 595€
- Price per person for a group of 4 persons : 580€
- Price per person for a group of 5 persons : 570€
- Price per person for a group of 6 persons : 565€

Extras :
- Comfort Version (4 nights in room) : 45€/pers
- Extra for a single room (if comfort version) : 120€/pers
- Extra 6 picnics : 80€/pers
- Transfer back from Aulus les Bains to Luchon on a weekday: 175€/transfer
- Transfer back from Aulus les Bains to Luchon on a Sundays and public holidays: 195€/transfer
- Extra night in Luchon half board double room : 70€/pers
- Extra night in Luchon half board single room : 90€/pers
- Extra night in Aulus half board double room : 70€/pers
- Extra night in Aulus half board single room : 95€/pers
- Extra night in Aulus half board shared dormitory : 60€/pers

Price includes

- Half board accommodation
- Transfers on days 2 and 7
- Luggage transport depending on the option chosen except for the 1 night in a refuge on day 3
- Dossier containing maps, route notes (1 for 4 persons, given in 1st accommodation)
- GPS tracks if you ask us + access to the detailed itinerary on the Mhikes GPS mobile application

Price doesn't include:

-Holiday and travel insurance
-15€ for booking fees
-Showers in the mountain huts
-Drinks and picnics

Day 1 : Start of holiday in Luchon

Your holiday starts at your accommodation in Luchon, you may decide to visit the thermal baths with the famous Allées d’Etigny.
The village of Cazarilh and Luchon valley
Walk in the surrounding countryside to the village of Cazaril-Laspènes, a village with a remarquable church and architecture. Opportunity to walk to the hamlet of Trébons, then Saccourvielle before returning to Luchon.
Ascent of the pic de Céciré
From Superbagnères, reach the summit of the famous peak of Céciré (2403m), lookout on the 3000 of Luchonnais, and the summits of the border: offer yourself a view on the Maladeta and the massif of Aneto during this very pleasant walk. Distance : 9km, duration : around 3h, altitude gain : +465m, descent : -465m. OR Distance : 13,5km, duration : around 5h, altitude gain : +775m, descent : -775m.

Day 2 : from Artigue to Fos

Short transfer to Artigue. (It is possible to include the walk Luchon-Artigue in the tour, adding a night in Artigue or with a long stage from Luchon to Fos: Contact us). From Artigue village, you cross a high col called the col de la Peyrahitta at an altitude of 1947m. Just after the col, if you are feeling up to it, you have the chance to climb the Pic de Bacanère, 2193m, this is a good variant and links up with the lake of Dessus. After having crossed Cigalères ridge (2093m) you pass one cabin after another before arriving at the village of Fos at an altitude of 544m. Distance : 20km, duration : around 7h45, altitude gain : +1000m, descent : -1650m.

Day 3 : from Fos to Araing lake

From the village of Fos and the Comminges, after a long climb and crossing the Col d'Auéran, at 2176m altitude, you leave the Haute Garonne for the Ariège and the Couserans. From the pass, you can see the beautiful site of the Araing refuge, the finish line of the stage, located near the pond of the same name beneath the cliffs of the Crabère summit. The landscapes we've crossed are a harbinger of the wilderness of this Pyrenean region. Distance : 16km, duration : around 7h, altitude gain : +1700m, descent : -300m. 

Day 4 : from Araing lake to Eylie

This section links Etang d'Araing to Eylie d'en Haut. It crosses the first part of Ariège by passing through a series of small mountain villages, the architecture and ambience are not to be missed. This stage being very short, it is possible to climb the Pic de l'Har (2424m), a remarkable viewpoint on the high peaks of the Couserans and the Pyrenean foothills. Distance : 8km, duration : around 4h15, altitude gain : +400m, descent : -1350m. OR Distance : 10km, duration : around 5h30, altitude gain : +600m, descent : -1550m (Pic de l’Har variant).

Day 5 : from Eylie to Maison du Valier

Starting from Eylie, this first sporting stage in the heart of the Couserans crosses the wild spaces typical of this part of the Pyrenees: beech forests, summer pastures, shepherds' huts, etc. As you reach the Arech and Clot du Lac passes, you will enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, rising above deep valleys. You will then reach the Pla de la Lau and the Maison du Valier. Long and difficult stage, possibility of organizing a transfer in the morning to shorten it (with extra cost, consult us). Distance : 18km, duration : around 8h30, altitude gain : +1600m, descent : -1650m.

Day 6 : from Maison du Valier to Col de la Core

This is a stage on paths that are often on balconies, between the high mountains and the Couserans foothills. You'll leave behind the Mont Valier massif, the emblematic summit of the Couserans, while enjoying superb views of the latter and other high peaks in the area. The charming little pond at Ayes will also brighten up the route, before you reach the Col de la Core. At the end of the hike, transfer from Col de la Core to St Lizier d'Ustou to avoid a section of the GR10 without accommodation. However, it is possible to hike to St Lizier d'Ustou via a variant of the GR10 (Tour du val du Garbet), please consult us. Distance : 13,5km, duration : around 6h30, altitude gain : +1250m, descent : -800m.

Day 7 : from St Lizier d'Ustou to Aulus les bains

From the pretty hamlet of St Lizier d'Ustou, nestled in the heart of a very green valley, you reach the Escots pass. From the latter, there is a beautiful view of the last high peaks of the Couserans. Then you will head towards the spa village of Aulus les Bains via the Casérien cirque and the pretty Fouillet waterfall. A possible detour via Guzet and the Ars waterfall will allow you to admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pyrenees. Distance : 15 km, duration : around 6h30, altitude gain : +1100m, descent : -1100m OR Distance : 23km, duration : around 9h, altitude gain : +1450m, descent : -1450m (via Ars waterfall).

This programme is an example of the itinerary we aim to adhere to. It may be necessary, if situations arise that are beyond our control, for the itinerary to be modified.


Day 1 at your accomodation in Luchon (31), according to your time of arrival.


Day 7 in Aulus les Bains (09) after your hike.


Level 4/5
Trained hiker, in good physical condition with a experience of mountain hiking. Hiking of 7h-8h per day on average, altitude difference of 1000m-1300m on average, on accessible trails but also in rough terrain, with some small technical difficulties. The walking times mentioned are given as an indication, they are average times that only take into account the duration of the actual walking without counting the break times. Depending on the weather conditions, the walking pace can also vary, ranging from +300m to +500m of climb per hour. 


Half board
1 night in room in hotel on day 1
1 night in a shared dormitory in mountain refuge on day 3. 
4 nights in a shared dormitory in gite on days 2, 4, 5 and 6. 

COMFORT VERSION (with extra cost) :
1 night in room in hotel** on day 1
3 nights in room in gite on days 2, 5 and 6.
1 nights in shared dormitory in gites on day 4.
1 night in shared dormitory in mountain refuge on day 3.

For nights in shared dormitory, bring a sleeping bag liner (blankets provided)

- Continental breakfast (tea, coffee, milk, butter, jam) 
- Evening meals in gites, often based on local specialities, include a starter, a main course and a dessert. 
- Pic-nics not included. They can be reserved in advance (with extra). Or you can buy them directly at your accommodation or at the grocery stores, mini-markets and bakeries listed in the roadbook.
- Drinks not included. 

Luggage porterage

You will need to carry a day backpack only. Our bag-moving service means you can travel light during your walks. Your main luggage (that should please be easily transportable) will be transported by vehicle except day 3 for the night in mountain refuge, where you have to carry your necessary personal belongings for the night, including a lightweight sleeping bag or liner, change of clothes, toiletries. Unless you have chosen the version without luggage transport, in which case you'll carry all your gear from one stage to the next.


Self-guided walking, without guide.

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