GR10 self-guided Section 2 : From Saint Jean Pied de Port to Etsaut

Time: 7 days - 6 nights - 6 days of activities

Mode Self-guided

Physical level: Easy Moderate

from 430 €

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Travel type: Self-guided GR10

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The first part of the itinerary is in the Pays Basque. The GR10 weaves its way from village to village, without reaching Spanish soil. An opportunity to discover typical villages of the region such as Estérençuby or the hamlet of Logibar.


After Logibar, Sainte-Engrace, the most eastern basque mountain village. From here the GR10 goes into a typically Pyrenean, high mountain setting. In gaining altitude you will reach Saint-Martin before descending upon the village of Lescun, renowned for its famous glacial cirque.


The first Pyrenean peaks of more than 2000m altitude like Pic d'Anie will appear. Before that, you will also discover the Iraty forest, the Haute Soule, the Holzarté gorges and its famous footbridge. The best part of the walk awaits you at the end of this section at the village of Estaut, in the Aspe valley, gateway to the famous Pyrenean National park.


Dates and prices


Every days from the beginning of June to the end of September (According to availabilities).

Booking from 2 people (solitary traveller: consult us).


From 01/06/2021 to 30/09/2021 :


Prices with luggage transfer :


Price per person for a group of 2 persons


Price per person for a group of 3 persons


Price per person for a group of 4 persons


Price per person for a group of 5 persons


Price per person for a group of 6 persons



Prices without luggage transfer :


Price per person for a group of 2 persons


Price per person for a group of 3 persons


Price per person for a group of 4 persons


Price per person for a group of 5 persons


Price per person for a group of 6 persons



Extras :

- Comfort Version (4 nights in room) : 115 €/pers

- Extra for a single room : 135€/pers

- Transfer back 1 to 4 pers from Etsaut to St Jean Pied de Port : 170€/transfer

- Extra night in BB shared dormitory in St Jean Pied de Port : 35€/pers

- Extra night in BB double room in St Jean Pied de Port : 60€/pers

- Extra night in BB single room in St Jean Pied de Port: 95€/pers

- Extra night in half board shared dormitory in Etsaut : 40€/pers

- Extra night in half board double room in Etsaut : 60€/pers

- Extra night in half board single room in Etsaut : 90€/pers

The price includes

- Half-board except day 1 in BB

- Transfer day 6

- Transfer day 3 for comfort version

- Luggage transfers depending on the option chosen

- Dossier containing maps, route notes (1 for 4 persons, given in 1st accommodation)

- GPS tracks if you ask us + access to the detailed itinerary on the Mhikes GPS mobile application

The price does not include

-Holiday and travel insurance
-Evening meal day 1
-10€ for booking fees
-Additional transfers
-Entrance fees, additional activities
-Drinks and picnics

Day 1 : Start of holiday in Saint Jean Pied de Port

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is the capital of the Pays Basque region. It lies in a circle of hills at the foot of the Roncevaux pass into Spain. After checking into your hotel you may choose to do a walk in the surrounding area. A chance to discover the many delights of this seductive region.
Explore St Jean and its surroundings
Walk through the Irouléguy vineyards and the village of Ispoure, in the surroundings of the capital of the Basse Navarre - a region with many touristic assets.
Kurutxamendi loop
The Kurutxamendi is a small hill dominating Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. This pedestrian loop can be the object of a pleasant short and easy stroll at the side of the pilgrims who go to St Jacques de Compostelle. Despite the low altitude, however, you will have good visibility on the peaks of Navarre, and even Labourd. Distance : 8km, duration : 3h, altitude gain : +280m, descent : -280m OR Distance : 5km, duration : 1h30, altitude gain : +145m, descent : -145m

Day 2 : from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Phagalcette

The GR10 stays in the Pays Basque for approximately 170km of walking, winding its way through tiny villages but keeping to the French side. The trail heads out in an Easterly direction from St Jean towards the nearby hills. Following the deepening valley past small, isolated farms, sparkling mountain streams and steep green slopes. You get glimpses of the higher Pyrenean peaks to the East. The culture is rural and distinctly Basque. As you pass through the villages, such as Caro and Estérencuby, you can soak up the ambience. Stop at Estérençuby for the comfort version, otherwise continue the hike to Phagalcette. Distance : 16km, duration : 5h15, altitude gain : +940m, descent : -490m (To Phagalcette). OR Distance : 12km, duration : 4h, altitude gain : +510m, descent ; -440m (To Esterençuby, comfort version)

Day 3 : from Phagalcette to Iraty

A challenging but beautiful walk today. The GR10 traverses some stunning, rural countryside along cols and ridges with airy views across the beech filled gullies. There are many species of birds such as honey buzzards, black kites, red kites, cranes and storks. Herds of horses, cows and sheep graze on the hillsides. The GR10 swings up onto the flat topped Occabé before arriving in the huge majestic forest. In the morning, short transfer from Estérençuby to Phagalcette for the comfort version. Distance : 20,5km, duration : 7h45, altitude gain : +1435m, descent : -715m.

Day 4 : from Iraty to Logibar

Heading off from Iraty, today’s walk is mainly downhill with 1185m descent. High mountain passes and ridges with spectacular views across the dense forest. You head towards the ridge of Ugatze at 1170m before heading towards the gite at Logibar. Variant possible in case fo bad weather, via the village of Larrau. Distance : 17km, duration : 6h30, altitude gain : +460m, descent : -1400m. OR Distance : 10,5km, duration : 3h30, altitude gain : +210m, descent : -1145m (bad weather variant).

Day 5 : from Logibar to Senta

From the hamlet of Logibar, the GR10 passes the canyon of Holzarté with its famous bridge. The GR progresses in the direction of the plateau of Ardakhotchia before arriving at the ‘cayolar de Saratzé’, altitude 1205m. Cayolars are the traditional shepherd’s cabins. To arrive at the hamlet of Senta, you will penetrate the valley of Barétous, this is part of the second region you will discover called the Béarn. It is a region that functions to the rhythm of nature’s calendar and rural pastoral life. Distance : 25,5km, duration : 8h, altitude gain : +1210m, descent : -975m.

Day 6 : from La Pierre-Saint-Martin to Lescun

In the morning, short transfer organized from Senta to La Pierre-Saint-Martin. It's also possible to walk this part, adding a night in La Pierre St Martin : Consult us). The GR10 makes its way to the Arres de Camplong and on to the massif of L’Anie. There are superb views of the Pas d’Azuns mountains in the direction of the Pic d’Anie at 2504m, one of the first really high summits in the mountain chain. The trail continues into the famous glacier cirque at Lescun. The views are awesome, the summit of Camplong, le Pic Billare and the nearby plateau of Sanchèse. Distance : 15,5km, duration : 6h30, altitude gain : +465m, descent : -1200m.

Day 7 : from Lescun to Etsaut

This is the last day’s walking for this stage of the GR10 between Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and Etsaut. The trail comes out of Lescun glacier cirque and progresses towards a series of small charming mountain villages. After passing by the plateau de Lhers and the Col de Barancq, the itinerary arrives at the village of Etsaut in the famous Aspe valley . This is the gateway to the Pyrenean National park. Distance : 16km, duration : 6h15, altitude gain : +850m, descent : -1140m.


This programme is an example of the itinerary we aim to adhere to. It may be necessary, if situations arise that are beyond our control, for the itinerary to be modified.


Day 1 in Saint Jean Pied de Port, according your time of arrival.


Day 7 in Etsaut, after your walk.


Nature of the walk

Walks on mostly waymarked paths, are on good footpaths and trails, the terrain is varied but often rocky.

Level 3

For walkers in good physical condition, already experienced in mountain hiking. The walking times mentioned are given as an indication, they are average times that only take into account the duration of the actual walking without counting the break times. Depending on the weather conditions, the walking pace can also vary, ranging from +300m to +500m of climb per hour. Be aware that there are 2 challenging stages with a climb of 1200m/1400m. You need to be used to walking and take regular exercise to enjoy this holiday.


Half board in gites except day 1 in bed and breakfast  

- 6 nights in gite in shared dormitory. Bring a Sack sheet (blankets are provided).


COMFORT VERSION (with extra) :

- 1 night in a hotel*** in room on day 1

- 1 night in hotel** in room on day 2

- 1 night in guest rooms in room on day 6

- 1 night in a private chalet in room on day 3

- 1 night in a private dormitory on day 4

- 1 night in shared dormitory on day 5


- Continental breakfast (tea, coffee, milk, bread, butter, jam)

- Evening meals in gites, often based on local specialities, include a starter, a main course and a dessert. Except day 1 : restaurants available.

- Pic-nics and drinks not included.

Carrying luggage

You will need to carry a day sack only, with your water bottle, camera, picnic and goretex jacket. Our bag-moving service means you can travel light during your walks. Your main luggage will be transported by vehicle between the different night stops, unless you have chosen the version without luggage transport.


Self-guided walking, without guide.


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